Covid-19 Community Coordinator
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How Briva Health engages communities

  • Education via the Health Care Navigation program: Briva already works with tens of thousands of people annually to access affordable health insurance. This program’s navigators offer Covid-19 education when meeting with clients from across the state about health insurance.
  • Videos & Social Media: Develops and shares community-focused videos and social media for immigrant communities that are disproportionately impacted by Covid-19.
  • Partnerships: Partners with health care experts and other community leaders to provide up-to-date Covid-19 information and to answer community member’s concerns about the pandemic.
  • Multilingual Information Hub: Created a Covid-19 resource hub on the Briva website featuring materials in English, Somali and Spanish.
  • Text education: Shares rapidly evolving Covid-19 information and resources through text messaging.

Through this program, Briva has reached more than ten thousand Minnesotans in-person and via text messages and millions through social and mass media platforms. Briva continues to be a leader in Covid-19 public health messaging to keep Minnesota communities safe. Currently the organization is a Covid-19 Community Coordinator and provides Covid-19 related resources on multiple fronts.

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