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COVID-19 Community Coordinator Program

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Briva Health is partnering with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to serve as a COVID-19 Community Coordinator and help Minnesota communities access essential resources they need during the pandemic. Watch this brief video to learn more:

"I am unemployed due to COVID-19. I needed help with paying rent. The service I received from (Briva Health) is 100 percent amazing. They help me with many different requests for my housing needs. They are great advocates for me while they spoke with community resources on my behalf. I really appreciate their help with everything."

"I was referred to Briva through a friend. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I lost my  employment and was unsure how I was going to afford my rent and utilities. Very kind staff members worked with me to ensure I received the housing and utility assistance I needed to get through this time.”

“I was connected to the hotline by another worker at Briva Health. I am currently unemployed and needed help applying for food and unemployment benefits. I got all my questions answered and received all the resources I needed. My experience has been the best with the hotline.”

“Earlier this month my vehicle broke down while I was driving. I had no way to cover the expensive bill, and found Briva Health through social media. I was connected to a staff member in the hotline who was very kind and able to connect me to the right resources. I am very pleased with the team at Briva.”

covid 19 community coordinator

The Briva COVID-19 Hotline is a centralized resource for COVID-19 info in Minnesota.

Is your family impacted by COVID-19?

Call 833.567.6662 now to connect with a COVID-19 hotline specialists Mon - Sat between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Assistance is available in multiple languages.

Support for Basic Needs

COVID-19 Information, Testing & Health Care

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COVID-19 Resource and PPE Distribution

Briva distributes COVID-19 resources kits that help community members protect themselves, including hand sanitizer and masks. Come by the Briva Health offices to pick up supplies for you and your family!

COVID-19 Resource and PPE Distribution