Reporting Changes with MNsure

One of the biggest benefits of using a navigator service is the assistance you receive when calling to report changes. Often times when calling to report changes there are various phone trees and prompts, different departments to be transferred to, or long wait times. Navigators are experts on knowing when and how to call into varying organizations to maximize your time.

When calling into organizations, the most common pieces of information we’ll need to verify with them include:

  • Social security number or case number
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Home address 
  • Phone number
  • Additional household members’ information if calling to report changes about them

Depending on the program you or a household member are in can determine where you need to call for assistance. 

  • Medical Assistance households → Call into your local county 
  • MinnesotaCare households → Call DHS
  • Qualified health plan → Report changes online with a certified Navigator and/or call into MNsure 
  • Mixed households (household members are in different programs) → Varies

There are various types of changes to report to the corresponding organizations. Some of the most common types of changes include:

  • Income changes
  • Household changes (marriage, divorce, gained or loss of a dependent, etc.)
  • Address changes
  • Loss/gain of employer-sponsored or other types of insurance
  • Incarceration status
  • Pregnancy
  • Immigration status change

Need to report changes? Our MNsure certified navigators can help report changes both in person and over the phone today! Schedule an appointment on our website at or call us toll-free at 855-5MNSURE (855-566-7873).

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