MNsure Programs – Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare, and Qualified Health Plans

MNsure is the umbrella term for the health insurance marketplace in the state of Minnesota. There are three main programs under MNsure:

  • Medical Assistance (MA)
  • MinnesotaCare (MNcare)
  • Qualified health plans (QHP or private plans)

Eligibility for each program is primarily based on the applicant’s household and income information.

Medical Assistance

  • No monthly premium for the insurance
  • No deductible to meet
  • Some co-pays, typically low cost
  • Approved on the 1st of the month the application is submitted in
  • Services cover medical, dental, and vision
  • Can be backdated up to three months in certain circumstances


  • Low cost to no premium associated with the insurance
  • No deductible to emet
  • Some co-pays, typically low cost
  • Once approved, coverage will start on the first of the month following the first premium payment (if due)
  • Services cover medical, dental, and vision

Qualified Health Plans

  • Monthly premiums are based on household size and location
  • Dental plans are available in addition to medical plans
  • Potentially eligible for tax credits based on household size and income
  • Tax credits can be applied toward the monthly premium
  • Unused credits will be received on next year’s tax return
  • If unearned tax credits are used, you may owe money back on the next year’s tax return

Applying with or without financial assistance

When applying to MNsure, you have the option to apply with or without financial assistance. Applicants cannot choose which program they are sorted into when applying with financial assistance. Eligibility will be factored in based on your household and income questions. 

Ready to apply?

Ready to apply?

Our MNsure certified navigators can help you submit an application both in person and over the phone today! Schedule an appointment on our website at or call us toll-free at 855-5MNSURE (855-566-7873).

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