How to prepare for your visit with Briva Health

Applying for health insurance can become overwhelming quickly. There are a variety of factors that can impact eligibility, and how you respond to questions on the application can affect your eligibility and enrollment status.

Our Navigators are able to assist you in a variety of ways to ensure your enrollment is successful and kept up to date. They are able to answer questions about programs, help you understand what you may be eligible for, and help you from start to finish in the enrollment process.

For a Navigator to best assist you, there are a number of ways you can prepare for your visit at Briva Health. Our Navigator, Diana, shares her advice on what to have ready prior to your visit with a Navigator:

“Consumers can best be prepared by having all of their documents ready, such as everyone in the household’s date of birth, address, income, social security numbers, and green cards and/or work permits if applicable.”

Having all of the basics ready prior to your visit will help reduce the amount of time spent in our office or being assisted over the phone. In addition to having these basics ready, our Office Manager, Roberto, shares some of his reminders and tips to keep in mind when preparing your income information:

“Consumers should know how much income they earn. For example, the number of hours worked, their hourly pay rate or their yearly estimate after their expenses are deducted for those self-employed. It’s helpful to have proof of your income handy. We will also need the social security numbers for anyone applying, and immigration documents if anyone isn’t a citizen.”

Understanding how to calculate your income can be difficult. Navigators are well versed in helping you understand how to calculate and report your income on your application. Be sure to have a good understanding of any hours or income earned during the year or other types of taxable income you may have received during the year.

Are you ready to apply or have questions on how to prepare for your MNsure application? Our offices are open for in-person and remote services Monday through Friday from 9a-5p. Call today at 855-MNsure (855-566-7873) or schedule an appointment online at

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